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Embarking on a journey of transformation in the agricultural logistics sector, Tân Nam Chinh proudly introduces a pioneering innovation - Nitrogen freezing technology.

Máy làm lạnh Nitro của Tân Nam Chinh.jpg
Máy làm lạnh Nitro.jpg
Máy làm lạnh Nitro của Tân Nam Chinh.jpg

How Does It Work?

With its main advantage lying in superior cooling speed, Nitrogen technology helps chill agricultural produce to -45°C in just 30-40 minutes compared to traditional cooling times, reducing the cooling time by over 4 hours. Additionally, this technology inhibits the growth of microorganisms and minimizes ethylene levels in the storage environment, ensuring the preservation of color, texture, flavor, and nutritional content of agricultural products.


Integrated seamlessly into all Tan Nam Chinh's facilities across Southern Vietnam, each site proudly boasts the capability to simultaneously process 12-20 tons of goods. This emphasizes our commitment to efficiency, allowing us to meet the diverse needs of customers while maintaining top standards in product preservation.


1. Preservation of Product Quality

Nitrogen freezing technology preserves the nutritional content of agricultural produce, ensuring the retention of essential vitamins and minerals.

2. Meeting Stringent Standards

Tan Nam Chinh's Nitrogen freezing technology surpasses stringent quality standards set by demanding markets like the US and Europe, ensuring market compliance and customer satisfaction.

3. Extended Shelf Life

By inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and minimizing ethylene levels, our technology prolongs the shelf life of perishable goods, reducing waste and maximizing profits.

Experience The Revolutionary Impact Of Tan Nam Chinh

Nitrogen cooling technology as we lead in enhancing the quality and competitiveness of Vietnamese agricultural products globally. Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence, where each step brings us closer to a brighter future for the agricultural logistics sector.

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