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Tan Nam Chinh leads the way in innovating the production and export processes of agricultural products using advanced weight scaling technology. This innovative approach not only optimizes traditional weighing processes but also brings them into the digital age. By utilizing sensors and advanced technology, our digital weighing system accurately measures and records the weight of products, classifying goods to plan production. This helps eliminate manual errors and speeds up the process of scaling operations, enhancing overall efficiency.


Furthermore, our cargo weight scaling technology is designed for seamless integration. Each product is assigned a unique code displaying detailed information about its weight, quality, and origin. Integrating this technology ensures traceability and quality control of agricultural products throughout the entire supply chain, enhancing transparency and expediting customs procedures. Our system complies with international standards and meets the stringent requirements of leading markets.

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1. Streamlined Production Processes

Tan Nam Chinh's  weight scailing technology simplifies production processes, enhances efficiency, and minimizes errors by classifying the quality, weight, and origin of agricultural products.

2. Enhanced Accuracy

With advanced sensors and digital integration, our system provides high levels of accuracy in weighing agricultural products, ensuring precise measurement and classification.

3. Improved Quality Control

The digital integration of our  weight scailing technology allows comprehensive traceability and quality control throughout the entire supply chain, meeting international standards and fulfilling the requirements of leading markets.

Experience The Integration Of New Technology 

Tan Nam Chinh optimize processes and ensure the highest quality standards for your products when engaging in international trade.

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