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Container của Tân Nam Chinh


As a leading provider of comprehensive logistics services in Vietnam, Tan Nam Chinh has over 19 years of experience in the agricultural logistics industry. From seamless logistics solutions to the application of advanced technology, we ensure to meet our customers' needs accurately and efficiently. Experience the difference with Tan Nam Chinh and embark on a successful journey with a partner you can trust.

Our Services

End - To - End Logistics Service

​Tan Nam Chinh specializes in providing comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to the transportation and export of agricultural.

​Tan Nam Chinh import-export service is the leading solution for international trade in agricultural products.

Storage and Cold Storage Rental

Tan Nam Chinh is proud to offer modern storage services that meet both cold and dry storage needs, ensuring the integrity.

Containers and Cold Container Service

Our container rental service offers both storage space and comprehensive logistics solutions for agricultural product.

Warehouse and Facilities Rental Service

Tan Nam Chinh's warehouse and facility rental service - a solution tailored to your production and storage needs.

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