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At Tan Nam Chinh, we understand the desire for accurate updates on the status of shipments when using logistics services. Therefore, we have integrated a shipment live tracking app to allow customers to receive real-time updates on the status of their cargo during transportation.

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How It Works

Our shipment tracking application enables customers to accurately monitor the location of their shipments throughout the transportation process. Real-time updates on temperature inside trucks or refrigerated containers, as well as remaining distance, are provided. This detailed information ensures transparency and enhances control throughout the logistics process, providing a comprehensive view of your shipment's status.


1. Enhanced Transparency

By using Tan Nam Chinh's shipment live tracking app, customers gain a full view of the status of their shipments, promoting transparency and confidence in Tan Nam Chinh's logistics process.

2. Real-Time Information Updates

With real-time updates on the location and temperature of shipments, Tan Nam Chinh's staff can provide solutions to minimize and prevent risks affecting logistics, ensuring smooth operations.

3. Improved Control

The live tracking app empowers customers to maintain control over their shipments, allowing them to monitor progress and minimize risks effectively.

4. Efficient Logistics Process

Tan Nam Chinh prioritizes integrating modern technology to provide timely and reliable logistics solutions. Our live tracking app streamlines operations, ensuring customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

Experience The Convenience And Reliability

Tan Nam Chinh's live tracking app, designed to meet the evolving needs of customers and provide professional logistics solutions to enhance business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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