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Tan Nam Chinh is proud to offer modern storage services that meet both cold and dry storage needs, ensuring the integrity and quality of goods throughout the supply chain process.

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Cold Warehouse

With a warehouse system spanning over 70,000m2 strategically located in key agricultural and aquacultural regions across four provinces: Dong Nai, Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Long An, and Can Tho, Tan Nam Chinh facilitates easy procurement and storage of high-quality agricultural products for customers.


Furthermore, Tan Nam Chinh's warehouse system maintains strategic temperature control with three types of cold storage:

  • - Frozen warehouse (-40°C to -45°C)

  • - Cold warehouse (-20°C to -25°C)

  • - Cool warehouse (2°C to 12°C)

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Dried Warehouse

Tan Nam Chinh provides secure and weather-resistant infrastructure for common goods storage. Our dry storage facilities are equipped with security measures, advanced monitoring systems, and efficient inventory management technology, ensuring the safety of goods during transportation and storage.


What sets apart our storage service is the integration of technology and commitment to sustainability. Customers benefit from real-time monitoring, ensuring transparency and control over their inventory. Additionally, Tan Nam Chinh actively implements environmentally friendly measures, enhancing our environmental conservation efforts and contributing to a greener supply chain.


Our storage service is not just about space; it's evidence of our dedication to accuracy, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Whether it's short-term storage needs or long-term logistics arrangements, Tan Nam Chinh meets customer demands, providing flexible and cost-effective solutions.

Experience Modern Storage Services With Tan Nam Chinh

Where advanced technology meets quality assurance, ensuring your goods are stored and transported with utmost care and efficiency.

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